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The Wright Brothers ~ In Flight includes 1908-1909 flights in the United States, France and Italy – as well as the first motion pictures taken from an airplane. Motion pictures helped convince early skeptics that human flight was real. © 2009 Martel Art >Credits

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“Isn’t it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so that we could discover them!”

—Orville Wright

Orville Wright

Orville Wright helped invent powered flight, then lived to see the supersonic age. After his brother Wilbur’s untimely death, Orville made his own significant contributions to aviation. >More


Wilbur Wright

At rare intervals a few truly indispensable individuals take us where no one has gone before. A century back in Dayton it was Kettering, Patterson, Deeds, Morgan and a few rare others who achieved big. Of those, the rarest bird was Wilbur Wright, his success cut short just as he achieved it. >More


“Real NCR” Can’t Be Moved

What were some of the game-changing ideas that still make Dayton Dayton? ...A belief that progress is possible, and, therefore, that change is welcome.

—Fred Bartenstein, ‘Real NCR’ can’t be moved, Dayton Daily News, June 4, 2009  >>Read the article.


1935 Film >>

Edward Deeds, Charles Kettering, and  Orville Wright,



Ropewalk: A Cordage Engineer’s Journey Through History

Bill Hagenbuch tells the story of Xenia’s historic role in the ropemaking industry and the effects of industrialization and globalization. “A surprisingly fascinating local history lesson and a valentine to an unsung industry.” >More